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A GUI for Highcharts

Highcharts Cloud is built on top of Highcharts JS, a JavaScript API for developers to easily create interactive online charts. It is currently used by 51 of the Global Fortune 100 companies as well as tens of thousands of other clients, like Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Citi and Verizon.

Target audience

With the Highcharts Cloud, the extreme flexibility of Highcharts becomes available for content providers. Journalists, bloggers and designers can create charts without learning to write code. Even developers using the Cloud can set up their prototypes quick and easy, and copy the generated code into their projects.

Social by design

Once you've set up your charts, you can easily embed them into your web projects or blogs, or share them to social media. The charts are served from Amazon.

Most popular charts

French GDP growth stagnates
146636 views 1717954184 by User 768
Britain's most affordable areas
50966 views 197583821
Britain's most affordable areas
50960 views 197914454
The UK economy is a world beater
46989 views 1524474053 by Pete Spence
Demand for London homes to shrink
42835 views 1772657614 by User 768
House price growth (%)
42739 views 668177099 by User 780
The rising cost of cycling
41815 views 660008928 by Andrew Critchlow
Pay growth has gone negative
40354 views 1786752501 by Pete Spence
Highcharts Cloud Beta is a service by Highsoft of Norway. The beta release comes with no guarantee. You are welcome to host your charts with us and share on social media and embed in your websites, but keep in mind things may stop working any time as we move towards the stable service.