Refund policy

This Refund policy provides information on how we handle your refund rights when using Highcharts Cloud. Our subscribers can easily move between subscription plans. If the charge is greater than the credit (plus the user’s current balance), the user will be charged the difference. If the credit is greater than the charge, then the user will have a credit on their account that will be applied to their next renewal charge.


When you are moving to a more expensive plan. Highsoft perform the necessary prorations to upgrade the subscriber immediately. Highsoft will:


Let’s say you are on a $10/month plan and moves to a $20/month subscription halfway through the month. Highsoft will create a $5 credit for the current subscription and a $10 charge for the new subscription, thus billing the user $5 for the upgrade.

When the subscription renews at the end of the month, it will renew at $20.


When you want to move to a cheaper plan, Highsoft will process a downgrade and the subscribtion is downgraded on the next renewal date. If a subscription change occurs at renewal, there is no need to prorate the amounts. Highsoft will adjust the subscription appropriately and then invoice at the new amount.